About Colleen

Studio Potter

Elmira, New York

I marvel at my luck as my paint brush glides across the curving surface of a bowl. I have always loved painting, and I especially like the grit and rigor of clay. I studied both in college, combining the two practices many years later to craft clever dishes for my kiddos. The simple pleasure from using these whimsical objects and the act of making for others led me to an unexpected career as a potter. My colorful modern vintage style evokes the joy of my childhood, a world of pattern, texture and fond memories. 

Decorated inside and out, from top to bottom, my vibrant hand painted pottery feeds my obsession for color, pattern and texture. My inspiration varies from natural realistic blooms to stylized abstract florals. I draw upon and participate in the global tradition of colorful folk art painting which celebrates culture, place and time. My over- saturated childhood in the seventies and early eighties left its wild imprint too. Vintage textiles, feed sack florals, bold wall coverings and pressed glassware are all part of the mix to create fresh functional heirloom quality dinnerware, home and garden decor.

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